Friday, 2 August 2013

F***ed Up Fridays

Here's why batches after batches of students fail to deliver more than average Board results.

4 AM - Wake up for jogging (This is strictly optional as most of the time I can't drag myself out of the bed. If I open my eyes and it's later than 4 AM, I go right back to sleep).

5.30 AM - Get back, take a shower and perform other morning ablutions. 

Reach school by 7.15 AM.

Witness useless drama that goes by the name of 'The Morning Assembly'. There goes another half hour.

8 AM - Struggle to stay awake during Biology.

8.40 AM - Struggle to stay awake during Chemistry.

9.10 AM - Sleep during Hindi.

9.50 AM - Fresh for Physics.

10 to 10.30 AM - Spend time looting others' lunch boxes and spend time sitting on ledge debating on the latest subject we disagree on with EJ.

Spend the second half from 11 AM to 1.40 PM either sleeping or day-dreaming.

1.50 to 3 PM - Extra Classes. Justified, as I failed in every major test this month.

3.30 PM - Reach home, take shower, dig for food. If unappetizing, skip and count money for a fix of junk food.

4 PM - Set the alarm for 4.30 PM and try to doze off for a few minutes.

4.30 PM - Drag myself out of the bed just when I was about to doze off. Damn you, Highway Song!

5 to 6.15 PM - Manage to keep the eyelids peeled from my eyes as I try to make sense out of the page of the Physics book in front of me.

6.15 to 6.30 PM - Plug in ears with headphones and speed-walk to Chemistry Tuition about half a kilometer away. Walk is pleasant if I have money to chomp on a bar of chocolate on the way.

6.30 to 8 PM - Try to make sense out of Organic Reactions drawn on the board. Sporadically insult my mates from school (it's mutual).

Reach home by 8.20 PM. Check if the computer is not being hogged by anyone else. If not, immediately make my claim over it.

9.30 PM - Switch the computer off to watch the only soap I do watch - Saraswatichandra (Everyone loves Gautam Rode; I, too, am no exception).

10 PM - Force down the whatever dinner Mom serves.

10.30 PM - Cook Sirius's food for the following day and brush my teeth and fill four bottles (320 ml each).

11 PM - Try to sit down at the study table and open the Biology textbook and force myself to run my eyes over the words.

11.10 PM - Give up and retire to bed. As sleep does not come instantly, distract myself with a novel.

Continue reading till 1 AM. And then finally fall asleep. 

No wonder I'm in all those extra classes.

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