Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Why, in my opinion, 'Serious Relationships' SUCK

#10. Ever had any guys, who call themselves your boyfriend but at the same time, instead of pampering, they insult you worse than a member of their own breed when you get a fact wrong? I've had. ENOUGH of them.

#9. The perfect couple is supposed to have all the aspects of relationships - best friends, lover, bla bla. I don't really mind being treated like a 'bro' most of the time, but I draw a line being punched, especially in the time of the month when I'm feeling down, cranky, fatigued, and frankly too tired to punch the guy back.

#8. His mother knows who you are and what relationship you have with her son within six months into the relationship and starts giving you I WILL CHEW YOU ALIVE AND SPIT YOU OUT vibe. Nice knowing you too, Potential Mom-In-Law.

#7. The obligations and the strings that come with a relationship are, most of the time, just not worth it.Gifts (receiving them is much more fun than the headache of choosing the perfect one for him), the routine declarations of love (even at times you don't mean it one iota).

#6. I've had guys who've split bills with me. They're not as bad as the ones I ended up footing the whole bill for. I regret that now, because they were scum-bags and I could have just pigged out on chocolates with the money.

#5. I've inconsiderate bastards who are so intent on getting their own rocks off that they don't give two shits about whether or not you've climaxed, too. No big loss there.

#4. Ever checked out eye-catching hunks and their forelimbs and then felt guilty about about it later on? Happens everyday with me.

#3. What really pisses me off is that they think they can demand to know my location and who I'm with (more emphasis on the latter) whenever they want. Hire a PI if you're so 'concerned'.

#2. Frankly, I believe there is no better feeling than breathing fresh air and buying chocolates you don't have to share.

#1. Listen to Pussycat Dolls' I Don't Need A Man, buy a tub of chocolate ice cream and share it with your dogs (On the other hand, don't give them chocolate, though), because they are way better than some of the scum-bags you've had the misfortune of dating.